HR Advisory Sphere

  • Gulluck expanded its wings in 2014 and rolled out the HR Advisory Enterprise in 2014. It was started with the thought that Great Ideas come from Great People. There is a Gulluck of people in everyone’s life
  • Gulluck therefore also became a Bank of talent, a Bank of knowledge and a bank of relationships
  • Gulluck is where it all comes together.
    • We connect people
    • We help develop people
    • We help in getting people to know each other better
    • We help people in discovering new things
    • We help in enabling better communication between people
    • We help in enhancing social skills and team dynamics among people
    • We enable people achieving their goals and dreams
  • What we will never be
    • We will never be an “agency” – we will always be your team
    • We will never be “professional” – we will always be personal
    • We will never be “cheap” – we will always be value for money
    • We will never be “competitive” – We choose to be collaborative
    • We will never be “the best” – we will never stop upgrading
    • We will never be “international” – we will always be local
  • We will ALWAYS be your Gulluck
    • Mutual trust will ALWAYS be the most valuable currency
    • We will never compromise trust to build reven
    • We will always build trust EVEN IF it costs us revenue

The Universe Of Our Services

  • Organizational Development
  • Recruitment & Talent Consulting
  • Training And Development
  • Induction And On-Boarding
  • Employee Engagement And Internal Communication
  • Rejuvenating Policies And Procedures
  • Thought Leadership Programs
  • Strategic HR and Turnkey Projects
  • Exit Management

Outcome Engineering Of Gulluck Engagement

  1. Enhanced Leadership Abilities
  2. Optimized Emotional Abilities
  3. Impactful Communication Abilities
  4. Enhanced Practical Perspectives
  5. Optimized Creative Abilities
  6. Respectful of Cultural Diversities
  7. Developing an Ethical Value System
  8. Enhanced Ability to innovate and Improvise
  9. Developing a Global Mindset And Appetite For Knowledge
  10. Trigger an Inquisitive Mindset for Lifelong Learning

Partnered Programs

We always collaborate with others as long as there is a win-win situation and no conflict of interest. Do get in touch with us directly, if you think we can join hands and go on an adventure together. We will announce all our partner programs as and when they happen, right here. Do keep an eye.

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