The Story Behind The Name Gulluck

  • “Gulluck” in Hindi means a “piggy bank”. It’s the first experience of a bank that almost everyone has had. From where we saw it, Gulluck is Life – a Bank of Relationships, Emotions, Experience and Ideas. The quality of our Life is measured through the vastness of our Life Bank. From this perspective, Gulluck was founded as an enterprise that will be a bank in varied fields of expertise.
  • Since our inception in June 2013, Gulluck devoted itself to an ideal, the ideal of Life being a Gulluck, and we realized that our dream was no more about being an enterprise. It had suddenly changed to an idea that will change lives. Thus, our Brand Belief – Gulluck, Changing Lives!
  • Gulluck’s first steps into entrepreneurship was with Gulluck Advertising – a Bank of Ideas
  • Gulluck’s second foray was with Gulluck HR Shared Services – a Bank of Talent (Recruitment) and a Bank of Knowledge (Training)
  • Gulluck’s third quest is Gulluck Adventure Sports (Scuba Diving) – a Bank of Adventures
  • In fact, Gulluck can be a Bank of anything – and we do intend to touch lives from as many perspectives as possible. The possibilities are infinite.

How We See The Colors?

  • Like every tattoo, every brand color symbolizes the essence of the entity.
  • The PINK of Gulluck Advertising symbolizes the color of universal love for harmony. It also represents the quality of our ideas that always aim to trigger an emotional response from the consumer.
  • The YELLOW of Gulluck HR symbolizes the color of Friendship. We make the best friends at work and create relationships at work that last forever. It represents that our way of life is to create unforgettable relationships both for internal and external customers.
  • The BLUE of Gulluck Adventures symbolizes the color of the place where Ocean meets the Sky. It also represents that our way of life is to experience the unknown and create memories that last a lifetime.

Why Would You Choose To Partner With Us?

People Always do business with people they like. People work with people they like. People don’t leave brands or organizations, they leave people. Keeping in mind this simple phenomenon:

  1. You will like us because we are FUN.
  2. You will like us because we are RESPONSIBLE.
  3. You will like us because of our VALUE SYSTEM – where trust is the most valuable currency.
  4. You will like us because of our Energy.
  5. We are not big, but we nurture our Global Mindset.
  6. We measure our equity by the strength of our relationships, not our customer base.
  7. Our primary objective is to create value and not just to generate revenue. We are committed to creation of value for our partners.
  8. We live by 3 commandments – Respect, Ownership and Performance.
  9. We believe in win-win solutions and growing together.
  10. We believe in perseverance and not irrational optimism.

What are the Cultures & Disciplines of Life@Gulluck?

  1. We make an adventure out of every assignment. We make a superhero out of every customer.
  2. We believe in the power of positivity – a smile, an appreciation goes a long way to accomplish Mission Impossible.
  3. We trust, unless proven otherwise – not the other way round.
  4. We recognize accomplishments regularly. We are always hungry for appreciation as well.
  5. We are always aiming to achieve greatness in whatever we do, big or small. Greatness is our way of life.
  6. We aim to be profitable instead of aiming for a great valuation. The old fashioned way of having a healthy and optimal P&L.
  7. We are always grounded on the foundation of a strong value system of honesty and transparency – specially in challenging times.
  8. We have a “Conduct and Value Driven” hierarchy and not title driven. No employees, everyone is a stake-holder.
  9. We measures our success by the number of “delighted partners”.
  10. We measure our equity by the intensity of “organizational passion” and the strength of the “Gulluck community”.